Quran mp3 Free Download with Urdu Translation 30 Para in Beautiful Voice

Quran MP3 Free Download with Urdu Translation 30 Para in Beautiful Voice

Quran MP3 Free Download with Urdu Translation. If you are looking for a Free Al-Quran Audio here we are providing you the free audio Quran Pak. You can get it in your favorite reciter voice easily.
Do you want to learn Quran online? Have you been looking for a place that provides downloadable mp3s of the Quran? If so, then here's what you need to know about this blog post. 
In our article, we'll share with you the best places where you can Download and Listen to MP3 Quran of various translations. You can also find some tips on how to choose which translation of the Quran is right for your needs. 
If Downloading an MP3 of one or more chapters from a translation of the Quran is what interests you, then check out this article.

How To Download Al-Quran in Audio/MP3?

  1. Go to YouTube
  2. Search for Quran Recitation
  3. Copy YouTube Video URL
  4. Paste in our YouTube to MP3 Online Converter Tool
  5. Select MP3
  6. Click Download
In the above 6 steps, you can download Quran Kareem قرآن کریم in Audio free of cost.

Top 7 Shia Quran Reciter in the World with Beautiful Voice

  • Aba Thar Alhalawaji
  • Ameer AL-Kazmi
  • Ahmad Aldabagh
  • Shahat Muhammad Anwar 
  • Mustafa Al-Sarraf
  • Mahdi Sayyaf Zadah
  • Shahriar Parhizgar 

How To Learn Quran Reading?

 If you want to learn Quran and/or read the Quran, there are multiple resources available:    

  1. Free Audio Qur'an (mp3) that can be downloaded online or purchased on CDs. Most of these Qurans have the entire Quran corrected- It is recommended that one reads all of the Quran as it was revealed to Prophet Muhammed (SAW).  
  2. There are some free websites with some verses of the Quran for reading or downloading. These sites also include errors in recitation and errors in wordings(translations), so we do not recommend these websites unless they have a large amount of authentic work such as https://duas.org/
  3. Dua'a and Supplications - Some authentic websites such as https://duas.org/ have a large collection of supplications from the Quran and Hadith, categorized by topic.
  4. There are free apps for smartphones that allow you to download Quran and access it offline using Wifi or 3G: One such example is Quran Majeed which uses recitations by Saood & Shuraim (two brothers).
  5. Specialized courses / week-long classes on learning Quran or reading Quran with tajweed rules: Most masajids offer these in some form- they generally include subject matter on how to improve your al-'Alam in order to read better, benefits of Quran, etc. (see below).
For those who want to immerse themselves in more Quran and dua'a:   
There are also classes/courses that you can go through at a masjid or with an instructor on how to read Quran with proper recitation rules - these are called "Week-long Quran Reading Courses". 

During the course, you will learn the theory of Tajweed i.e. proper way to recite certain letters where there are rules for pronunciation which is governed by ma'arij al-qalb(heart's palate). 

Please note that this takes time to master and doesn't happen overnight. Most people take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to complete one cycle/course. However, if you can spend 10-20 minutes a day reading and applying what is taught in these courses then that counts as an important daily practice:   
Quran mp3 Free Download with Urdu Translation 30 Para in Beautiful Voice
The classes generally teach Quran with tajweed rules and many benefit from this for their personal Quran reading at home. Some examples of such courses are:    
  • Quran Class offered by the Shia Quran Academy in most major cities across North America (e.g. Canada, USA) and Pakistan, India. They also offer free Quran eBooks with Tajweed rules.   
  • Syed Quran Center offers Quran Courses online and offline around the world; they provide a complete package on how to read the Quran with Tajweed rules, the proper pronunciation of Arabic letters in the recitation. They also provide online lessons on how to read Quran correctly.
  • Masoomeen Quran Center has a course on learning Quran - they have an online form where one can learn Quran with tajweed rules using MP3 files that are sent over by email.
  • Jafria Quran Center is located I-8 Markaz, Islamabad Pakistan and they offer classes/courses on how to recite Quran correctly for students or anyone interested in reading Quran better. Each year they host multiple campaigns during Ramadan where people come together to read the entire Quran within 30 days (these campaigns are live-streamed). Also, there is an annual "Week of Qur'an" where Quran classes and recitations are held.


Q- Can I Download Quran without any third-party software?
Ans- Yes, You can download by installing any third-party software. Our YouTube Downloader Tool will allow you to get the MP3 straight into your mobile/computer.

The Quran is the most widely read book in history with over one billion people across the world engaged in its study. If you are looking for a Free Al-Quran Audio here we are providing you the free audio Quran Pak. Download it now and share this page with your friends who might be interested.

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